Long sleeve black colored senator wear

Long sleeve black colored senator wear

Long sleeves with black and white stripes were worn by senators. African attire African clothing African men's attire Clothing for African men's African handcrafted outfit African attire
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Quality Tested Cotton, African Ultimate Fabric with Tailored solution


Just for senators, elegant African clothing with a design-focused idea was produced. For the creation of our custom African clothing, we only ever employ the finest materials. To ensure our cherished customers' comfort, we use accurate sewing techniques. There are numerous color choices available. It is worthwhile to invest money in it. For formal occasions like weddings, religious festivals, business meetings, and more, African handcrafted ethnic clothing is ideal.

Around neck (neck circumference)
Chest circumference
Shoulder to Shoulder width
Arm length
Bicep circumference
wrist circumference
Stomach circumference.

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